Monday, August 13, 2012

SPICE Up Your Life!

Happy Monday Blog Buddies! Sadly, when you turn on the television today, there will be no tumbling, rowing, swimming, or running from the Olympics. I'll admit I was pretty sad yesterday when the final events were happening. But you know what I was excited about? The Closing Ceremonies? You know why? The SPICE GIRLS!!!

I don't know how I missed it, but I found on Twitter earlier in the week that the Spice Girls were set to perform. I was pretty excited because I used to be a Spice Girls groupie. I believe I was in the 5th grade when the Spice Girls were at their peak. I had the cassette tape. My friends and I dressed up as them in 5th grade for school. I was Sporty Spice. My VERY first concert was...the Spice Girls! My mom and I along with some other friends and their moms all went to Cincinnati to Riverbend to see them. We sat on the lawn dressed as the Spice Girls, singing and dancing.

Nevertheless, when they hit the telly last night I was singing and dancing just like I was in 5th grade. It also gave me the urge to watch their movie. I wonder how much it is on Amazon?

I thought they all looked exactly the same still after all these years. It is hard to believe that Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl now that she is super famous and married to the ever handsome David Beckham.

Anyone else catch the Spice Girls last night and have some awesome memories like me?

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  1. I also saw this! It was my fav part of closing ceremonies. For some odd reason I have a distinct memory of one of my cool friends bringing their boom box to school so we could listen to the Spice Girls during recess! HA!