Thursday, April 12, 2012

Walls of Memories

Take a walk down memory lane...

If you have ever been to DP Sales Management World Headquarters, you will know that my dad loves to show everyone the office and most importantly, the shrine of old Simmental magazines and photos that he has. He will quickly start pulling out the old Simmental Shields. And of course the old pictures of people that you might certainly know.

A little while back Drew had the idea to join together some of the best of the old and new cattle that DP has been apart of. So one evening after my dad had spoke to Walt Brownary's wife on the phone and relived many great memories of Walt, he pulled out some old Walt Brownary classics. Drew and I looked at each other. What a perfect opportunity! He was giving us what we needed! So, I told him that I was going to scan them so I could write a blog about them. Hello!

While he was gone on a week long trip to Canada, Missouri, and Kansas; mom, Drew, and I hung up the new Simmental shrine. Not only did we do some photos of past Champions, herd sires, and donor cows, we also framed his EKU Diploma, Kentucky FFA State Degree, and ASA membership certificate.

When he came home from his trip, we all sat - WAITING and WAITING for him to go downstairs. He had no interest. Finally, after quite some time. Mom asked him if he was going to go see her new television in the office. He went downstairs, into the laundry room (we followed behind), and walked into the office and didn't notice a thing. He finally looked to the side wall and saw our masterpiece.

I think it is so exciting and such a wonderful group of memories. I'm especially proud of the 5 photo frame that has animals that were all bred by me. Three of them were past show champions and the two bulls are popular Simmental herdsires. There might be another one of those made some day. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On the cover

Secretly or maybe not so secretly, I have always wanted to be a fabulous photographer. I can remember the days looking back at amazing photos that Christy Collins has taken. I actually have a few framed in my house now. Uber celebrity moment!

I have a pretty decent camera, lens, and flash, but when it comes to knowing all the cool ways to do things- I get kind of lost. I tinker. I shoot photos. My husband even enjoys it too.

One of my jobs in the PR department of DP Sales Management is to take photos for our sale reports, future catalogs, and advertising. I try to get shots of people and cattle that we can use in upcoming promotional materials. Last year at the Family Traditions sale in Auburn, KY I shot this photo. (insert ewww's and ahhh's here)

I was pretty impressed with myself as the female in the background is slightly blurred. I was excited. I showed Drew my new masterpiece. So, this year when it came around to throwing out ideas for the cover of the catalog I sent in my photo for consideration. And.... ta da!

Here is my photo on the cover of the Family Traditions Female Sale catalog. It's amazing what a little light work, color enhancing, and cropping can do to a photo. This catalog is still in the proofing stage, so its kind of top secret, but I was pretty excited and thought it looked so good. I had one other photo make it on a previous cover, but it was in black and white. This one is in color and beautiful!

If you want to see the entire catalog, you will have to wait a few days for it to be available online. Drew and I have about 11 lots to sell as well. So definitely make sure you check it out! It will be available on our DP Sales Management facebook page or at