Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Sale Day Fashion} Family Traditions

This past weekend was the Family Traditions sale in Auburn; which just so happens to be the sale that we (HTP Simmentals) sells our own cattle. It is one of the bigger sales for us for the spring so I wanted to look nice that day. 

Well...I looked nice when I left the hotel. It was pouring down rain the day of the sale. They got just over 4 inches at the sale barn. But don't worry we had plenty of umbrellas and ponchos for customers to head out and look at the cattle. 

But the rain did not do great things for my hair. I kept walking around asking everyone if my hair was "this big" with my hands out to the side of my hair. I felt like I had a fro. So by the time the sale started my hair was half up. 

Jacket: Lane Bryant
Top: Lane Bryant
Jeans: Seven at Lane Bryant
Earrings: Stella & Dot
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Bracelet: Stella & Dot

Rain and frizzy hair aside it was a great sale! We are so lucky to be apart of a successful sale and have some great customers - rain or shine!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Creative Pay it Forward - #1

A warm fuzzy. 

With the events that happened today in Boston I thought I would share something warm, fuzzy, and happy with you. 

Back around the first of the year I saw this thing on Facebook called the "Creative Pay it Forward." Basically you put up this status that you were participating in this, and the first 5 people to comment on the status would be your lucky people. Those people would get something from you this year. Sometime, whenever, wherever. It could be anything you wanted, but its purpose was to brighten someone's day. 

I was in. This was so my thing. 

So I put it up. And I got more than 5 comments, but I was ok with it! I hung them up on my bulletin board and waited for the perfect moment. 

I have been looking and gathering materials for a few of my "Creative Pay it Forward" events. I was so happy to recently package up two special items and send them out! And now I am been waiting patiently for them to arrive at their destinations. 

And then... earlier on twitter & instagram I see this little thing. Amber Martin had received her gift! Amber used to work with us on our website. We miss her and I miss e-mailing her 100 times a day :). So I was very happy that she was one of the people on my list. 

I can't wait to make someone'e else's day - SOON!