Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Elf Strikes Again!

A little elf in our house!

Last year when we came home from the Season Finale sale we found this....

Someone had broke into our house (using a key) and stolen (replaced) our table with this antique tavern table. My heart was pounding because I thought someone actually did break into our house, but who takes something and leaves something?

Of course, the criminal was no other than one of my best friends Lauren who had her mom and dad meet up with my mom to get into our house and give us this Christmas present.

So this year we head off to the Season Finale sale, but Lauren didn't come. She was too busy rescuing cats. We arrived home that evening looked in the door, and sadly there was no new table. I told Drew, "Doesn't look like anyone brought us a new table this year." I proceed in the house around the table to set the mail down, and out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of something.

This year the criminal (and her mom) used their own key, and left us a beautiful, large cow hide rug in our front room. Our front room was really empty and this rug really does the trick. The dogs weren't really sure what to think about it at first, but now they love it because it provides an area for them to run and play.

Anyone else ever have a personal elf bring you gifts? I think we will keep her!

Thanks Lauren!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

National Finals Rodeo

Viva Las Vegas

Instead of exchanging gifts this year, Drew and I decided to take a trip instead of worrying over what to buy each other. Throughout the year we usually buy whatever we want, and do a lot for birthdays, so we thought this would be a great idea. Where to go?

We decided to hit the strip and travel to Las Vegas; which neither one of us had ever been to. In December, Las Vegas plays host to the National Finals Rodeo. Both of us had wanted to visit during the rodeo. We lucked out on getting some great seats through a friend of a friend (Thanks Charlotte!). We arrived into Las Vegas on Sunday night, changed clothes, had a bite to eat, and headed to the rodeo!

Bareback Riding

The excitement of the crowd at the rodeo was infectious! It was like the Kentucky Wildcats playing! Everyone was cheering and very into it. Plus it was packed! Marty, who we got our tickets from told us that it started at 6:45 and was over at 9. His advice, "Do not be late." Boy, was he right! We were maybe 10 minutes late, and the people in our row did not want to move to let us in. So if you ever go - do not be late.

We actually had someone to root for. Cody Wright (pictured below) rides with the Hudson Pines and Hayes Ranch as sponsors in the Bronc Riding. He has won the world champion before, and his two younger brothers also ride.  The Wright boys have all been at the Living Legacy Sale, and we have had the chance to meet. We were there for Round 4 which Jesse Wright won and Cody was second. Jesse ended up winning the World Championship!

DP and Cody Wright
We are already planning on taking in the 2013 National Finals Rodeo. It was a great time with amazing shopping as well. Country Christmas is actually like 4 venues! If you get the chance to go, take it!

Of course I had to take a photo of what I wore to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas for all my blog buddies to see. Enjoy!

Sequin Shirt: Lane Bryant/ Jeans: Lane Bryant
Braclet: ILY Couture/Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Junk Gypsy

Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} Janssen & December to Remember

Well...Well.... hello!

I know... I know... I am rather behind.

But guess what? Fall sale season has now been completed which means I have more time to devote to blogging!

Let's start with this sale day fashion from The Chosen Few at Janssen Farms. I'll be honest. It was pretty chilly and I might have worn my jacket most of the time. But of course, I did put an outfit together for that day, no matter how much it actually got seen.

Black Button Up: Lane Bryant/ Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/ Boots: Luchese

The next weekend it was off to "A December to Remember" sale in Rockfield, KY. Drew and I went on behalf of DP Sales Management. Drew looked at cattle as a consultant, and I just hung out. It was a quick trip since it is only three hours away, but we did get to take in one of our favorite restaurants Shogun in Bowling Green. 

Shawl Sweater: Old Navy/ Watch: Michael Kors
Tee: Old Navy/Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant

Earrings: Jamie's Jewels

For our final sale of the fall, I revisited one of my favorite outfits since I began the Sale Day Fashion segment of my blog. Check out what I wore at the New Direction Sale that I copied and used again for the Season Finale sale last weekend.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the Sale Day Fashion segment of my blog. We are done with sales for a little bit now, but I hope you will join me when we start up again in January/February!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion: NAILE Select}

We just finished up with the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville. It is the largest exposition of livestock. People come from all over the United States to exhibit and market their livestock at this event. 

We also have a sale during this big event. It is one of our biggest sales of the year. Simmental breeders bring some of their best cattle to sale on the green shavings. 

Jacket: Target/Tank: Talbots Outlet (17.00!)
Necklace: Stella & Dot/ Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant

My side kick, Gabby wanted her photo taken too. 

The NAILE Select Sale was packed! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion: Land of Lincoln}

For the cause

This week's sale day fashion isn't like all the others. I wasn't trying to put together some super cute outfit with great accessories. The greatest accessory I could wear with this outfit was a heart full of love and support.

Back in September, we learned of a young man's battle with cancer. He learned of it on his 18th birthday. BUT, he wasn't just one random person with no attachment, he was someone we knew. A young Simmental breeder and junior exhibitor who was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. One of the great things about the livestock community is their ability to rally and support. In no time there was a facebook group "Team Drew- Stick it to Cancer," and t-shirts in production.

                                                   T-shirt: Team Drew/ UnderShirt: Target/ Scarf: Old Navy/
                                           Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant

This is my dear friend Jackie, sporting her Team Drew t-shirt. Jackie, herself, is a breast cancer survivor!

Over the past few months there has been silent auctions to support Drew and his family. Along with  customized glass blocks made by Julie Kemme. And thats just things I know about. I know there are lots of other great things going on in support.

Drew and his family consign to the Land of Lincoln Sale. With Drew's diagnosis they were only able to put one lot in the sale. But that didn't stop members of the sale group and breeders from Illinois in supporting their family We sold a CJ Brown print once for $3,000 and a second time for $1,800.  I received a Facebook message from the Lemenager Cattle Co. who wanted to donate embryos in support of Drew. They brought $1,000 a piece and were purchased by Bramlet Simmentals and Ryan Cattle Co.

So as you can see, this past weekend was much more about supporting others!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween blog buddies! 

Unfortunately, we don't get any trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. Major bummer. Last year, after we moved in our house I was all ready to give out candy and Gabby was dressed in her costume. And no one came! So we retreated to Granny's house.

Happy Halloween from Gabby & Tuck! 


{Sale Day Fashion: Buckles & Banners}

The whirlwind sale/video trip has finally come to an end. It was good though, because I was about to run out of clothes!

We had a first time sale in West Point, Iowa with Gerdes Show Cattle and some guest consignors. Eric and his wife Tara are the owners of Gerdes Show Cattle. Eric has been involved in the Simmentals for a long time, and was a member of the AJSA Junior Board, like me. His wife Tara is so nice! She is a vet. I really enjoyed working with her. It was a great event with awesome hospitality, cattle, and atmosphere. Definitely one of the highlights of the fall!

The theme of the sale was purple and gold - hence the name Buckles and Banners. So when Tara was going to get everyone vests with the logo of the sale on them, I wanted to make sure I looked the part!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren/Vest: Tommy Hilfiger/Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant
Necklace: Southern Jewlz 
 P.S. -> Drew tells me I have to stop taking these photos at the end of the day! I think my hair held well though!

With the vest! 

Hope everyone weathered through Sandy! 
Happy Halloween! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} New Direction Sale

Boy, Oh Boy. It has been a whirl-wind of the last couple of weeks. Can I sit down sometime?

Last week/weekend, we traveled to one of my favorite places - Seward, Nebraska! I am sure you have never heard of it. Seward is home to one of our great clients Nick Sloup and the Sloup family. They are such a great family and get so excited about their sale. People like that always make things enjoyable.

They have one of, if not the biggest sale we do all fall. They sold 109 lots of females, bulls, and genetic lots (embryos, pregnancies). They always have a great turn out and despite the weather a few days prior; it was a gorgeous day.

Shirt: Talbots/Vest: Tommy Hilfiger/Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant
Necklace: ILY Couture

This is one of my favorite outfits. Sorry you can't tell that from the look on my face. I took this at the end of the day instead of the beginning!

I am behind. We actually have a sale again tonight! Then... it is time to go home!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall in Virginia

Sometimes I can't believe that we (my family) and I have the chance to travel around the U.S. imersed in the wonderful beef cattle industry. After a couple weeks of traveling - it might not look so fun. It does - I am just tired. 

Drew and I have been in Virginia doing some photography and videography work for one of our DP clients and their upcoming sale. The area of Virginia that she lives in is beautiful this time of year. Fall also means apple picking time, and there are tons in Virginia. Back on one of my High Five for Friday Posts I talked about Showalters. We made a trip back for more apples. 

It is a pretty small community where we stay at, which means not a lot of eating choices. We decided to try out the Southern Kitchen. It has been a staple in the community for quite sometime, and their Peanut Soup was voted by U.S. Today one of the Top 25 recipes in 2005. I tried the soup out of curiousity, and it tastes just like peanuts.

Peanuts aside - they are known for their fried chicken. Our waitress told us about Lloyd's famous fried chicken, and we felt compelled to try. And let me tell you - it did not disappoint. The skin was so crispy. It was a huge meal of delicious, mouthwatering fried chicken. Forreal. The cole slaw was pretty rocking to.

I also found this crossword puzzle very fun.

The hotel we stay at has two things going for it. This complimentary apple cider, which is warm in the fall/winter is delicious. I discovered it last year upon arrival. You are suppose to drink it in that very small cup you see there, but I get a coffee cup and enjoy! You can buy it in the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant which ajoins. So I did.

 Speaking of the Johnny Applessed, check out these little guys. Apple fritters that come with your meal, but you can also buy some and take them back to your room. With apple cider. Picture off calories...
All these apples, cider, leaves, and pumpkins made me so excited for fall! We even picked up some pumpkins today! What are your favorite things about fall?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} Belles of the Bluegrass

Hold the phone! This Sale Day Fashion post is also my 100th blog post! Wow, sometimes I never thought I would get here. How exciting! I have definitely came a long way on my blogging, and I am glad you have stuck around to read! :)

This weekend's sale was only about a 45 minute drive from our house. Which meant I got to sleep in my own bed and didn't have to pick what I was wearing out of a suitcase.  Exciting!

Prerequisite: Please ignore my socks (JCrew), my pony tail, and my fake smile. 

Button Up: Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Womens/ Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Womens
Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/ Socks: JCrew

I bought the top half of this outfit a few weeks ago at the Polo Outlet. They just recently added a Women's section (real women...with curves), and I was excited to check it out. Though the selection was small I thought there was a few quality pieces. I am not totally sure if I like these two pieces together on me or not. 

The white button up has great details like the ruffle cuff and puffed sleeves at the shoulder. The sweater is super fall like and equestrian. BUT, I did feel a bit frumpy. 

Hmmm..... Thoughts?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

These boots are made for walking...

Every fall I get really jealous when I see pictures of girls wearing boots. I have always been told that short girls shouldn't wear tall boots because, obviously our legs aren't that long. The tall boots take away your leg line. 

Also - I have large calves; which means most boots just don't fit. 

And then I found these beauties from Old Navy. Wide calf boots, and I just had to have. I was nervous (so nervous) about wearing them. 

On Monday, Drew and I had our yearly pictures taken with Matt Malicote Photography and the amazing Kelsey. I wanted to rock the boots. I think they went well. I enjoyed wearing them and they made me feel more fall like. 

What do you think? Does your height matter when wearing boots?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} Krieger Farms

Fall is here! Fall is here! 
It ended up being quite chilly this past weekend, and to be honest with you - I wasn't ready for it. 

I made a pit stop at Old Navy to pick up a black t-shirt because mine is buried in the month worth's of laundry in our basement. I found these great shirts on sale. So I picked up a few extra. 

Old Navy Waffle Knit shirt in Mint
Scarf: Old Navy (my husband picked out!)

Now onto sale day....
Sweater: Talbots/T-shirt: Old Navy/
Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/Necklace: ILY Couture

Until the next one...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} Buckeye's Finest

It is Fall; which means another sale day. This past weekend we were in Ohio. It was a fairly warm and sunny day. 

Sweater: Talbots/ Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/Boots: Luchesse
Watch: Michael Kors/Necklace & Bracelet: ILY Couture

While I was shopping in Nashville at the outlets, I came across this 3/4 length sweater from Talbots. It is a great weight, and will allow me to wear it by itself (as seen here) or under jackets. They were 50% off, so I bought one in every color! 

I have got to get my fall and winter clothes out of storage in the basement. Those cooler nights are going to turn into cool, fall days soon. 

Have a great week!

Stop the Bullying!

I sat down to write my sale day fashion post, but was on Facebook and found a video that everyone seemed to be talking about. I stopped to take a look and it was completely in awe of what I saw. 

If you haven't seen this video yet, allow me to recap. This news anchor received an e-mail from a male viewer criticizing her weight and her "duty" to be aware of her weight because she was in the public eye. What a brave woman she was as she lashed out on him and rallied against bullying. It was quite inspirational. 

I can't imagine what kind of person who have the "balls" to write something like that and hit send. Really and truly - he shouldn't have balls, and I hope he doesn't have a wife. I am sure her confidence is wonderful then. 

I know how she feels. I have never been a skinny girl. I don't feel like I was ever bullied for how I looked, but I know others were "aware" of it. I admit I have moments where the clothes or society bothers me. No, its not great to be overweight, but more important is being comfortable and happy with yourself. Screw others. And that is exactly what this anchor said to her bully. 

Rally against bullying. For anything. For everything. Race, weight, sexual orientation, disabilities - no one deserves to be put through that. 

As I was finishing up someone posted this quote: 

Be thankful for all the difficult people in your life, and learn from them. They have shown you exactly who you dont want to be .....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Me vs. the Pumpkin Spice Latte

I am not a coffee drinker. My mother could live on coffee, but I really can't stand the smell of it. Cut to Fall. Everyone is drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. I think to myself, "I could do that. I could drink one of those. It can't be too much like coffee." 

So Sunday morning in the KCI Airport I took the plunge. I wanted to get in on the craze that is this hot beverage. I let it cool someone. I smelled it. Then I went in for the drink. 


It tasted like coffee!

Needless to say it doesn't look like I will becoming a coffee drinker anytime soon. Guess I will just stick with the good ole hot chocolate. 

I tried and it failed. Me and coffee just aren't meant to be. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} Head of the Class

There are a few reasons why I love the Head of the Class Sale. It is outside of Kansas City: love (see High Five for Friday post). And it is always around the first of fall! Which means I get to bring out some fabulous fall outfits! 

From this past weekend you get two outfits! This pink shirt was my Friday fashion. I love this shirt so much I bought it in three colors. I love it because of the awesome details to it. Please excuse my hotel bathroom picture. 

Shirt: Gap Outlet /Cami: Lane Bryant/ Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/
Necklace: Nigros/Earrings: New York & Company/Watch: Michael Kors

Here is a close up of the necklace. I got it the day before at Nigros Western Store in Kansas City from my friends George and Patty Nigro. 

 Here are the awesome details I was talking about. Bows on both elbows and a small zipper at the back.

Now onto sale day! It was in the 60's on sale day and I am glad I wore long sleeves. The wind always blows in Kansas!

Sweater: Talbot Women/Shell: Talbot Women/ Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/
Necklace: Stella and Dot/ Earrings: Tiffany & Co/ Boots: Luchesse, Cognac from Nigros

I almost always wear the same jeans on sale day. I love the wash and the details on them. Plus they are comfortable for a long day. 

Until the next sale day! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Nails

With it being the second day of Fall, I thought I would share my favorite Fall nail polish thus far. I love buying nail polish, and in the last year I have tried to branch out of the box with my colors. 

Penny Talk comes from the Essie Metallics collection. It has a great shine to it, but I wouldn't call it too metallic. 

Essie: Penny Talk

What else do I love about this nail polish? I picked it up at my local CVS. No beauty superstore or salon needed for this great nail color!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

High Five for Friday {& Saturday}

Happy 1st Day of Fall! This is my one of my favorite weeks of the year because it brings fall, fall fashion, and the Head of the Class Sale in Louisburg, Kansas. I love to come out here because I lived in Kansas City for four months in 2008. I have a few favorite places that I like to check out while I am in town. 

1. Nigros Western Store 
Nigros Western Store is a great store on Shawnee Mission Parkway. George Nigro, the owner and his wife Patty are so great to work with and always give us a great deal. If you are ever in town and check them out - let them know I sent you. 

2. Nick and Jake's 

One of my favorite restaurants in KC is Nick and Jake's. They have great food and the BEST chicken fingers I have EVER had. I ALWAYS make sure I make at least one visit there while in town. I took Drew there, and now he loves it too. 

3. Nick and Jake's Bruschetta

This bruschetta is my favorite appetizer on the menu. No matter how many times I try to make this at home or eat it other places - it is never as good as this one. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

4. Yogurtini

We love Orange Leaf at home, and have stumbled upon a few fro-yo places across the country. Last night we checked out Yogurtini with some friends Brent and Becky at the sale. Their toppings bar was larger than Orange Leaf. I always stick with Vanilla and Chocolate with cookie dough and sprinkles. 

5. Head of the Class Sale 

Today is the Head of the Class Sale in Louisburg, Kansas. This little lady sells as lot 19 today and her name is Big Booty Judy. She just so happens that her mother was raised and shown by me! We sold her a few years ago, but last year purchased her back out of this sale. I really like Big Booty Judy! 

Been a pretty good week! Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today's Thankful Thursday is kind of different. It is almost a place on being thankful. When asked what most of us are thankful for we could quickly name off a handful of things. Our family, friends, job, opportunities, cattle - it all depends on the person. But when we sit down and think about the things we are thankful for and the things we really pay attention to in our life, are we looking over the life we are living?

I received an e-mail on Tuesday from my friend Crystal ( Crystal is a dear friend and someone who inspired me to begin blogging. Her e-mail was a link to a blog that she suggest some of her friends read. Since it was from Crystal I thought this had to be good and immediately clicked the link.

At the moment I received her e-mail I was up to my elbows in advertising for October publications. I was stressed. I was running 30 different ways. I was BUSY.

And this I read this. BUSY by Ellen-Bo

I am so guilty of throwing the busy card. I know others who are guilty of it. I know people who let being busy take place of their relationships. I am sure as you read this, you at sometime have been guilty of it too.

I am not saying that tomorrow I am not going to bring out the busy card because it truly takes work to set your priorities straight.

So you might ask, "Why is this the Thankful Thursday post?" Because my friends, I am glad I was shown this blog post. I am thankful I was reminded that being busy isn't truly living life. Let's all be thankful for what is going on around us, not what is drawing us in and causing us not to live.

So go on- don't be too busy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sale Day Fashion

I meant to have this posted on Monday, but it has just been one of those weeks thus far. 

My friend Crystal ( is also showing what she wears to sales, so since I go to a sale every weekend I thought I would document my sale day attire. Looking good on sale day can be just as important as picking out what you wear the first day of school. These days dressing for sale day, where we sell cattle at auction, is more than just your typical western attire. Hair is big as with the jewlz. And of course, the more jewlz the better. Designer jeans, tops, and awesome boots are a must. 

Our sale this past weekend was a beautiful September day. It was sunny and still quite warm, so I decided to wear a sheer top. I have to be able to move around and be comfortable, but of course I want to look cute. 

Top: Gap Outlet / Cami: Lane Bryant / Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant /
Boots: Luchesse / Necklace: Southern Jewlz / Watch: Michael Kors

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Picked the Pickers

If you checked out my High Five for Friday blog yesterday, you might have seen that I made a little visit to the American Pickers' store Antique Archaeology in Nashville. From being dedicated DVR'ed watchers of their show, I knew they had a store in Nashville. So me and my GPS took off to find it.

It is in the downtown area, but other than that I couldn't tell you much else. I really felt like my GPS might have been steering me in the wrong direction, but when I finally turned on the correct street - I knew I was in the right place. Cars lined the streets. The block is an old warehouse that has been divided up into a few stores. Let's just say it isn't super big. But boy did they have a lot of stuff crammed in a small place. There were bikes, lights, and other antiques hanging from the ceiling.

If you have ever watched American Pickers, they buy items and then they tell you what they might price it for in their store. I was determined to buy something picked at their store for Drew. I combed over every item in the store, and every item was over $200. Brass beds, motorcycles, vintage Levi's, black and white cowboy boots; all with a hefty price tag. I found a crock pitcher that I was sure was the right thing. Price $300. Then another with Kentucky Bourbon on it picked by Mike from Idaho. $1500. Wow!

So instead I settled on two t-shirts. That is how they make their real money from the store. T-shirts, sweatshirts, license plates, IPhone covers, and glasses. As I got to the counter with my two t-shirts I recognized the blonde hair girl behind the counter. She has been on the show a few times, and was hired as the "manager" of the store by Danielle. I will have to admit I was a bit star-struck. I waited just about to the end of my sale, and said, "I've seen you on t.v." Hello, dork alert! She was nice and responded, "a few times." Way. to. go.

It was cool to go and see the things in the store; some of which I had seen on t.v., but sadly there was no big picking for me that day. How cool would it be to go through people's stuff to find treasures? By
the way - Drew was happy with his t-shirt.