Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Christmas Miracle Book Drive

I admire people who blog for a living or all the time. I admire that they have so much to talk about or that they find the time to sit down and do it.

Friends, I let you down in the blogging area. Life happens and blogging doesn't. My last blog post way back in November of 2015 asked you to give to Knox's book drive. And you did! Man did you ever! But with life happening: house finished, moving in, and Christmas I never updated on how it went, or more importantly thanked you for giving.

So this is me saying I'm sorry and you all are awesome.

Since our new house was being remodeled and we were living out of a small space, all the wonderful Amazon boxes got sent to my parent's house. The boxes just kept coming! I cried. It was such as blessing for all our friends and people we didn't know to share in our quest to provide books for children and their families who were going to spend their Christmas holiday in the hospital. In a world with so much negativity, it really is beautiful to see things like this.....

 Every book received a stamp like the one below letting the reader know our little CHD warrior who the books were donated in honor of. But just how many books got these stamps?

When we started the drive I would have been happy if 20 books had been donated, but you wonderful people pushed my little wish out the window. With your wonderful help and support we donated 157 books to Nationwide Children's Hospital patients on the heart floor. 157! 157!

As we were lucky to celebrate Christmas in our new home with Knox I couldn't help but think about those families, and hope that they were cuddled up together by a crib or hospital bed reading a Christmas story and waiting for Santa to arrive.

So, thank you. Even though it is months late, I hope you will accept my thank you for helping us bring Christmas cheer to the hospital. Thank you for being so generous and thank you for loving our little miracle.