Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I ate at Pappy's!

Drew and I aren't super foodies, but we try to get in our fair share of Food Network recommended restaurants from some of their famous shows. I have an app on my phone for TV Food Maps where you can type in where you are and it will bring up restaurants that were on Food Network and the Travel Channel.

So, on our way to St. Louis for Drew's work conference I decided to look up what fine eateries are in STL. One of the restaurants sparked my memory because I remember seeing it on the tv. Drew and I utilized the free night his conference gave to check out Pappy's Smokehouse which is voted one of the Travel Channel's top 100 places to eat in the United States! Of course, Pappy's is a BBQ joint that specializes in what else, but RIBS!

Pappy's is a small restauarant with BBQ sauce bottles lining the top of their ceiling. Hundreds of bottles accompany the picnic large picnic tables with red and white table cloths. You stand in line to order your food before taking your seat. When you round the corner to place your order, you see all of the articles, awards, and celebrity photos. I saw Pappy's Smokehouse on the Food Network's Food Feuds hosted by Michael Simon. Though Adam from Man Vs. Food has an item on the menu named after him. Unfortuntately, it was like 42.00 and there were out of hot links.

The Adam Bomb

Therefore, Drew and I both decided on ordering a half slab of ribs which came with 2 sides. Drew ordered baked beans and cole slaw, typical bbq sides. I settled on the FRIED corn on the cob and slaw. The corn had a light batter on the kernels. It was interesting. Tasted good, but interesting texture. But most importantly, the ribs were delicious! They had a dry rub with the options for sauce on the table. No sauce for me though. The ribs had so much meat on them! All in all, it was a very belly-filling adventure. Definitely one for the travel journal.

Sorry, I had to try before I took the picture!

We left with full bellies and t-shirts from Pappy's!

Welcome to Miles' Home!

With sale season in full swing now, my suitcase stays packed all the time. Only taking out dirty laundry and necessary items for time at home before packing again. With Miss Gabby Mae joining our family in the spring, it means that her bag stays packed as well. Due to the fact that we stay at hotels every weekend, we have to make sure they are pet friendly.

Princess Gabby Mae

After a quick wisdom teeth pulling last Thursday, my nurses Drew and Gabby loaded my half awake, swollen self into the car and headed to the Design in Mind Sale. After the sale on Friday, we headed south to our second sale of the weekend. All of the hotels listed in the catalog were full or not pet friendly. Scrambling to find us a room on the way south, I utilized my Dog Friendly Hotel App on phone to check hotels in the area. After a few more phone calls we settled on the Hotel Indigo. I had never stayed at one of these, but Drew had. He gave it good reviews.

The Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana is a top notch hotel. And boy, are they pet friendly. When you walk through the doors to the lobby you are greeted by Miles, a cute, fluffy poodle-like dog. He lives there. He has a bed and dog bowl as well as toys all over the lobby. But as we found out, he likes to sleep on the check in desk. When we told them we had a dog, they gave Gabby a baggie full of treats for her stay.

They had won us over with the awesome doggie amenities, but the room was really nice as well. The whole hotel was bright and modern, which made it so inviting!

I don't usually do hotel reviews because we stay at so many. Some better than others, but I felt this one definitely deserved a shout out.