Thursday, May 11, 2017

You do you, MOM!

It's amazing how long it has been since the last time I've blogged. I think about writing a lot. I think of things that I would want to write about, but then the fingers never meet the keys. Why is that and Why now? 

When I started my blog, I probably really started it just from popularity. Blogs were the thing. I didn't have a "purpose" for writing, and I sure wasn't making money off of blogging. It was just me and my computer. Then I had a baby. A baby with a heart defect. And the blog became my outlet for my emotions and for keeping our friends and family informed. Then after sometime Knox became "stable," life took over, and the blog became quiet. I began to feel like I didn't have anything to say or rather, "Would anyone read?" In the world of technology and social media, it seems like everyone is online and everyone has an opinion. Writing a blog, putting your thoughts/feelings/opinions out there,  makes it easy for people to judge you, shame you, and praise you. 

When I think about what blog life looks like now, brings me to my two boys. Motherhood. Living life with kids. And work. And a house. And making dinner. All of this brings me to one the things I appreciate these days. The network of moms. I don't know about you, but I love HuffParents. I love to read all the articles, blogs, and stories about parenting, mom life, and the good/bad/embarrassing things that happen. 

Motherhood can be the most wonderful place and it can also be the loneliest. Motherhood makes us a bad friend. Motherhood makes us a bad wife. It's an adjustment to juggle being needed by so many people. And then after a long day of spit up, crying, potty accidents; while judging regular life it is nice to escape to the world of social media and see other mom's sharing their days both the good and the bad. Mom fails. Mom praises. 

Then the comments. Mom's supporting other moms. Friends, near and far connecting. Raising each other up. Making each day for each other...Mother's Day. Because shouldn't we always? Shouldn't we celebrate each other everyday? Social media can be so cruel. Shaming people for being different or having a different opinion. Breast milk or formula. Cloth vs. throw away diapers. Organic. Non-GMO. It doesn't matter. You do you mom. 

So, this Mother's Day I challenge you to raise up another mom. A few weeks ago I decided after reading someone's mom day I would take time this Mother's Day to praise another mom, or let her know someone other than shares her home thinks about her. If you know me, I adore cards and I love sending them. So I went to the store, bought a whole stack of Mother's Day cards, and this week they should be hitting the mailboxes. Ladies who are awesome "mom"-models. Ladies who I appreciate it, and am thankful for them being in my life. Some of them are people I see regularly, and some of them I haven't seen in awhile. 

So, girl, share your mom fails because someone has had the same happen to them. Share your victories and praises, so that we can respond with emojis, hearts, love, and likes. Write that blog that you are afraid someone will judge you on. Because, Guess what? You're a MOM! Do your THING! and... Happy Mother's Day!