Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion: Buckles & Banners}

The whirlwind sale/video trip has finally come to an end. It was good though, because I was about to run out of clothes!

We had a first time sale in West Point, Iowa with Gerdes Show Cattle and some guest consignors. Eric and his wife Tara are the owners of Gerdes Show Cattle. Eric has been involved in the Simmentals for a long time, and was a member of the AJSA Junior Board, like me. His wife Tara is so nice! She is a vet. I really enjoyed working with her. It was a great event with awesome hospitality, cattle, and atmosphere. Definitely one of the highlights of the fall!

The theme of the sale was purple and gold - hence the name Buckles and Banners. So when Tara was going to get everyone vests with the logo of the sale on them, I wanted to make sure I looked the part!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren/Vest: Tommy Hilfiger/Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant
Necklace: Southern Jewlz 
 P.S. -> Drew tells me I have to stop taking these photos at the end of the day! I think my hair held well though!

With the vest! 

Hope everyone weathered through Sandy! 
Happy Halloween! 

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