Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stop the Bullying!

I sat down to write my sale day fashion post, but was on Facebook and found a video that everyone seemed to be talking about. I stopped to take a look and it was completely in awe of what I saw. 

If you haven't seen this video yet, allow me to recap. This news anchor received an e-mail from a male viewer criticizing her weight and her "duty" to be aware of her weight because she was in the public eye. What a brave woman she was as she lashed out on him and rallied against bullying. It was quite inspirational. 

I can't imagine what kind of person who have the "balls" to write something like that and hit send. Really and truly - he shouldn't have balls, and I hope he doesn't have a wife. I am sure her confidence is wonderful then. 

I know how she feels. I have never been a skinny girl. I don't feel like I was ever bullied for how I looked, but I know others were "aware" of it. I admit I have moments where the clothes or society bothers me. No, its not great to be overweight, but more important is being comfortable and happy with yourself. Screw others. And that is exactly what this anchor said to her bully. 

Rally against bullying. For anything. For everything. Race, weight, sexual orientation, disabilities - no one deserves to be put through that. 

As I was finishing up someone posted this quote: 

Be thankful for all the difficult people in your life, and learn from them. They have shown you exactly who you dont want to be .....

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