Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Sale Day Fashion} Belles of the Bluegrass

Hold the phone! This Sale Day Fashion post is also my 100th blog post! Wow, sometimes I never thought I would get here. How exciting! I have definitely came a long way on my blogging, and I am glad you have stuck around to read! :)

This weekend's sale was only about a 45 minute drive from our house. Which meant I got to sleep in my own bed and didn't have to pick what I was wearing out of a suitcase.  Exciting!

Prerequisite: Please ignore my socks (JCrew), my pony tail, and my fake smile. 

Button Up: Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Womens/ Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Womens
Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant/ Socks: JCrew

I bought the top half of this outfit a few weeks ago at the Polo Outlet. They just recently added a Women's section (real women...with curves), and I was excited to check it out. Though the selection was small I thought there was a few quality pieces. I am not totally sure if I like these two pieces together on me or not. 

The white button up has great details like the ruffle cuff and puffed sleeves at the shoulder. The sweater is super fall like and equestrian. BUT, I did feel a bit frumpy. 

Hmmm..... Thoughts?

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