Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Cattle Sale

First off, thank you to everyone for the calls/texts/cards since the three of us arrived home. It has been weird getting adjusted to life at home with a baby, but we are all getting into a routine. 

We didn't let the grass grow under us too long after we arrived home last Wednesday. We loaded Knox up and room off to our sale last weekend. Before you freak out the doctors at Nationwide ok'ed our trip. They told us to take him and treat him like a real baby (wait, he is a real baby!?). 

Not only was it one of our larger sales, but we  (and when I saw we I am including Knox) had our own cattle selling in it. 

Knox, mom, and I hung out at the hotel on Thursday, and then we had some mommy and Knox time on Friday. First time being alone just me and him. I successfully learned how to do things with a baby around - like going to the bathroom! We even tried our hand at going out to a restaurant with Knox. My dad just came saying, "we are out to eat with Knox." After living in a hospital since he was born it felt weird to go out and do regular things. 

Everyone was very surprised and excited to see Knox. He did great and enjoyed his first sale. 

With his new friend Bella

Steve and Knox were comparing scars! 

Not only was it great to get out and show off our baby, but it was great to get back to normal. I told Drew that it made me feel like myself again. It was great to get back to work and know that Knox was just in the office. 

Now we are home for awhile and just trying to adjust to life with a baby. A baby that will be two months old soon! Ah! 

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