Friday, April 18, 2014

Got milk?

If you checked out my previous post you know that over the weekend we had a bit of a set back. We had some stomach issues that the doctors wanted to get checked out. 

After tests and observation they now believe that Knox might have a milk protein allergy. The bad thing is that there isn't really a way to test for it other than eliminating it from his diet then reintroducing in the future. Since Knox has been receiving pumped breast milk that means that I must become dairy free. (Insert gasp here) 

I love dairy. Milk. Cheese. Ice Cream. Anything made with dairy. Do you know how many things are made with dairy? ALOT! I could drink milk with every meal and chocolate milk is delicious! 

Can we say hello weight loss plan? In the last 36 hours have been hard. With out cute situation and eating out a lot the dairy restriction makes things difficult. It is going to be quite the adjustment for this milk lover, but it's worth it for our little peanut. 

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend! 

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