Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Set Backs

I knew this day would come. The day when we were so close to going home, and something would go astray. 

We were working toward going home. Passing all of our tests, learning our routine, and taking a bottle better everyday. You can't help but be frustrated. Like we were so close, and now you feel like you have had a set back. I am frustrated that this happened, but it hurts my heart that this is something else that sweet little baby has to go through. He is such a trooper. 

Over the weekend we had an issue arrive that has set us back. It has nothing to do with his heart, and hopefully will turnout to be nothing serious, but the doctors want to check things out. So a few more tests, antibiotics, IVs, and observation to hopefully rule everything out. Hopefully it's just a bug or allergy. 

So please today say a little prayer for Knox and a quick recovery from whatever it is that makes his belly upset. We were hoping to be home for Easter, but looks like the bunny will be visiting Knox in Columbus. 

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