Monday, April 7, 2014

One Month Old

This week Drew and I should be home preparing for the arrival of our first child who was due April 12. Instead I am sitting here watching my husband and my one month old son nap in the recliner at Nationwide. 

The last month definitely has not been easy. A month ago I had no idea what today would look like, but clearly it is beautiful. Knox has gone through so much but he is so strong and has come so far. 

Looking at this sweet little guy now who has completely stolen my heart; I can not imagine if I had to wait longer than I did to meet him. 

So happy one month little peanut! Let's celebrate with a National Championship tonight! 

Knox's stats
Weight: 5 Pds 8 oz. 
Height: 18 inches 
Eating: by bottle and tube 
Breathing: all by himself 

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