Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our social munchkin man

Whew it's been a couple of busy days since moving across the squirrel! 

First off, on Thursday Knox had the opportunity to host a very important celebrity outside of his room. The doctors were doing rounds and there was a large group (25 people). Not your typical group for rounds. After a few doctors coming into rooms in a fast and furious fashion we learn that the hospital is hosting a very special guest today. I mean we had paparazzi at our door and everything. Dr. Abraham Rudolph is a pediatric cardiologist and one of the "fathers" of congential heart defects. The doctors presented Knox's story and Dr. Rudolph asked questions and talked about what was going on with Knox. He is an older man so he stepped over to the door to be able to hear better. He asked me how my baby was doing and assured me he would be fine. 

All the doctors were very excited and nervous for him to be there. I googled him as soon as they left. 

Another very cool thing is that we are now wearing clothes! We aren't on any meds that have to be given through an IV, and are only wires are just monitoring wires so as long as it zips or buttons we are free to look stylish. We were afraid he would hate clothes since he has been a naked baby all his life. 

Knox has had lots of visitors over the weekend which also meant lots of cuddle time. He has loved being held and no doubt he will be one spoiled little dude! 

Tomorrow is a big day for Knox! 

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