Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Across the Squirrel

Have you ever had a place or thing that you want to grab, touch, or achieve but it seems just out of reach? 

When I first was allowed to come visit Knox after our labor journey together I arrived on the 4th floor of Nationwide Children's Hospital. There were two doors. To the right is the Cardio ICU where Knox was and to the left was H4A with a large wooden squirrel celebrating the two. I quickly learned that moving across the hall or across the squirrel as they refer to it here was where you wanted to get to because it meant that you were in the step down unit and getting closer to going home. 

So each day Drew and I have made our journey up to the 4th floor and over to the CT ICU to be with our little man. 

But today....

Hello from across the squirrel! 

Knox has been such a strong little man and doing well that we got moved to the step down unit! Which means today Drew and I officially become real parents! We can change all his diapers, and hold him as much as we want. We don't know just yet when we will get to go home, but it is definitely on our minds now. 

And we got a real crib! 

Today is an amazing and scary day but we are very excited (and a bit overwhelmed!). Keep praying for lots more progress and a healthy baby! 

Knox sends his love! 

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  1. I've been thinking and praying for you guys. So glad that Knox is making such good progress. Take care.