Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love is in Columbus

Though my blog is called "From Paris with Love," these days all my love is in Columbus, Ohio. As many of you know after some complications with my pregnancy and some special issues with our little one we were sent here to deliver and for baby to receive care. 

Love is a wonderful thing because on March 7th I was blessed to feel the most amazing type of love and that was to become a mommy. Our little bundle of joy Knox was born. 

And not long after that I experienced one of the most difficult things as they swept Knox and Drew off to Children's hospital, and left me to recover at the hospital I delivered at. You talk about a difficult day, but the next day we were reunited when my wonderful doctors and nurses let me have a leave to go officially meet my son. 

Many that know we know that I enjoy writing, and though it is sometimes hard to read its one of the best ways to express what you are feeling or thinking without having to actually talk about it. And right now that is the best for me. I apologize to those who have text or called in the past two weeks to get no answer. But please understand it's hard and we are taking it day by day. I should have taken to the blog earlier, but again - it's just hard. 

So this will be my virtual journal of the new Hatmaker family of three, and our struggles as we work to make little Knox better so we can bring him home. Some days if I'm having a bad day this blog might be hard to read, but I hope and pray in the coming days there will be more happiness because that precious little face sure makes my heart fill with happiness and love. 

Please continue to pray for our little family, and know that we appreciate all of you out there for your thoughts and prayers. 

The Knox Report
Today Knox is 13 days old and we get to hold him today. Only the 4 th time since birth, but we savor every chance! Knox has mom's noise and dad's chin, and looks to be our blue eyed boy. I also think  that he might be a lefty. 

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