Friday, March 28, 2014

3 weeks

Today is Knox's 3 week birthday! I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since this little man came into our life. Though it has been a rough and bumpy road with highs and lows; I can't imagine waiting till our due date to meet him! 

We had a wonderful first in knox's life this morning. We had our first tummy time! Here at the hospital they call it "prone" which is to help get the awful flem and junk out of his throat and lungs that you and I can cough up. Laying on the stomach helps break it up, but we chose to call it tummy time. Knox loved it. He was very chill and slept the whole four hours. His 3 week picture was taken on his belly. 

The doctors are still working on weaning down the vent. They have been happy with progress, but just don't want to do too much at one time. 

We are hoping for lots more good reports over the weekend! Continue to pray for lots more positive reports! 

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  1. So happy to hear about the progress! Lots of prayers!!! xxo