Saturday, March 29, 2014

CPAP day

As we sit here in our room today, the floor is quite because it's the weekend. The cafeteria was deserted. We tried a new place for lunch down the "blue path" today and we didn't see hardly any people. Did we mention we love the weekends? 

Before you can get off the vent you (as in the patient) must go through something they call CPAP tests. It's basically where Knox is doing all the breathing on his own but some pressure that is put off by the vent. The pressure is because since he still has a tube in his mouth it's like trying to breath through a straw. They do this test for an hour every 4 hours to see how he tolerates it. There are lots of things they check for and watch during that time. Knox? He passed with flying colors. So they will continue to do those until tomorrow morning, and if they all go well then hopefully by tomorrow it will be goodbye tube. Then we will get to hear our little man cry and make noise! Hallelujah! 

The wonderful thing was during his test he was wide awake the whole time! Which meant lots of great time to visit and talk. :) 

Please continue to say a little prayer for Knox and that the next 24 hours goes smoothly. We also hope that you can say a prayer for a dear friend of ours that had their twins at 26 weeks yesterday. We know how scary it is, and that prayers sure do work! 

Have a wonderful Saturday! 

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