Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Sale Day Fashion} Dixie National

I have been to Jackson, Mississippi the last three years for the Dixie National Show & Rodeo, and every year the weather has been awful. You would think that heading south in February would bring warmer weather, but it is something about that show that brings the cold to the south. One year if even snowed, and they don't know how to handle that.

So I was VERY happy when the weather forecast showed some warmer temperatures this year for this event. It was still chilly when the wind was blowing, but no need to break out the winter gear. Sadly, after we left on Sunday they did have some flooding and tornadoes in the area. Thinking of those affected.

Here is a photo from our sale. This is the first lot in the sale. She was purchased for $3,000 and will now have a new home in Indiana. If you would like to know more about how the sale did you can learn more here.

And here is what I wore: (Again, end of the day) 

Jeans: Seven by Lane Bryant
Collared Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Vest: Tommy Hilfiger
Necklace: Premier Jewelry
Earrings: Nigro's Western Store

Of course, being in the south the only way to eat something is fried! And the Dixie National is just the place to get your fried food fix. 

Hello Chicken on a Stick!
Fried Chicken Nugget
Fried Onion
Fried Pickle
All on a stick! 

Until the next sale!


  1. I have a terrible addiction to fair food:) Deep fried and on a stick is the only way to go at a cattle show:) Hope you're well!

    1. Oh I know! It is so bad for you down there! I ate healthy on the way down to convince myself it was ok! :)