Monday, February 4, 2013

So God Made a Farmer

Paul Harvey's "So God Made a Farmer" has been instilled in the hearts and minds for many FFA members for years. He delivered this powerful poem at the 1978 National FFA Convention.

Fast forward to the 2000's when I, a Bourbon County FFA Member sat in the final session of the Kentucky FFA Convention. Starched white shirt, black skirt, black panty hoses, and the one of my most prized possessions which is made of heavy blue corduroy. At his voice begins to come over the convention haul. It's loud and powerful.  I was moved.

Again, in 2005, I sat in the same exact outfit heavy with emotions. I was running for the opportunity to serve the Kentucky FFA Association as a State FFA Officer. And that day, "So God Made a Farmer" was just a bit too much for me. The tears; they poured. For my nerves, for the future, for the past, for the many farmers who had helped me back it to that day.

A year later we were back at the Galt House preparing for our last session as State Officers. Our orders for an emotional morning were directed to us by Matt Chaliff. You don't go out into the hall before the session and you don't watch nor listen to "So God Made a Farmer." Did we listen to his orders? No. I ventured into the hall- big mistake...tears. I watched "So God Made a Farmer" - more tears.

I'll be honest after that day it is hard for me to listen to Paul Harvey's masterpiece. It brings back lots of emotions. So as I was watching the Super Bowl and the cheesy commercial, I was floored to see Dodge's commercial. I actually had to ask if it was So God Made a Farmer. It took a lot not to let the tears begin to flow, but I felt a new emotion. Pride. How awesome that Agriculture and the National FFA Organization; both two things I hold dearly in my heart, were showcased on one of the most widely viewed events of the year. I wonder how Paul Harvey would feel seeing his address to the convention hall in '78 rolling in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. It was a beautiful moment.

I'm sure most of you have seen it by now. If you have - watch it again.  Support our farmers, agriculture, and the National FFA Organization. 2013 has been named the Year of the Farmer. Let the celebration begin!


  1. Beautiful. I hope that this touches the hearts of everyone that eats this week. Not just those of us that live this life.