Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?

Back in 2009 the Fort Worth Stock Show was one of the first event Drew travelled to with us for a DP Sales event. There is a very long story behind how the whole trip went down, but if you asked either one of us - it would be agreed upon that is where we "knew." In fact, I celebrated my birthday while we were there, and on my birthday he told me he loved me for the first time. 

Last week I was preparing some marketing tools for the 2014 National Simmental Sale we will be managing in Fort Worth. Drew and I were getting ready to travel to this years' stock show to visit, PR, and get things scheduled for next year. All the wonderful memories of 2009 were coming back. 

While looking for some pictures from the sale I stumbled upon this oldie but goodie. This was at Billy Bob's where we saw Cross Canadian Ragweed. 

Since we were there without cattle and without a sale to manage we got to mix business with pleasure. We ventured down to the Fort Worth Stockyards to dine at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro which Tim Love is the chef/owner. He was on the recent season of "The Next Iron Chef," and was unfortunately the first person kicked off. Who cares - we still enjoyed a great meal!

Top: Elk Sausage Slider, Seared Foie Gras, Blackberry Jam
Right: Blue Corn Lobster Hushpuppies
Bottom: House Smoked Salmon, Roasted Beet, Pickled Poblano
Left: Duck Confit Spring Rolls
Our meal started with some great appetizers. They have a ton of appetizers to choose from, but they actually have it individually priced (not on menu) so you can sample a few. They give you one of each of your choice so you can have a sampler! The Elk Sausage Slider was my favorite and Drew's was the  Duck Confit Spring Roll. The salmon was also very good, but I couldn't make myself eat the beet.

They serve things in courses, so for our second course Drew had the Green Chili which our waiter highly recommended, and Drew enjoyed thoroughly. He said it wasn't spicy, but I just wasn't believing it! I had the "house salad" which was butter lettuce, smoked bacon, and a chili buttermilk. The dressing had a slight kick to it at first, but it wasn't too spicy after that. The bacon was the best part (of course)! You can see jalapenos in the picture, but I left those be! this time we don't have a lot of room left in our bellies, but our entree's are arriving! We both ordered the same thing. The Roasted Garlic Stuffed Beef Tenderloin is find of their speciality dish there at Lonesome Dove. The demi-glace over top of it was super rich, but super yummy. And of course there were family -style side items, which really are never a good idea. You never really eat them because you've had too much food already, but always order them anyways.

 On the right is a white truffle mac and cheese, which was just alright. I ALWAYS try to eat whatever has truffle in it because it is super fancy, but I think I have only really enjoyed it, maybe, twice. BUT - on the left is the fried spinach. Drew didn't love, but I thought it was delicious. It was super thin and crispy almost like a potato chip. Highly recommend.

Drew informed me half way through our entree that he would not be splitting a desert with me. I checked out the desert menu, but nothing spoke to me. It was probably better that way.

Overall, very yummy Texas-inspired restaurant, and one I am glad to have dined at. We already look forward to taking mom and dad there next year when we are in town. Go to Lonesome Dove and eat your spinach!

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