Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Hanging?

in your closet...

I will admit it. I am guilty. I am guilty of having a closet full of clothes and only wearing a select few of them. What women isn't? As I was switching my winter clothes to summer clothes the other day, I was doing my annual purge. Goodwill pile. Clothes Mentor pile.

As I switched out the clothes, I remembered something I saw on Pinterest and my friend Devan's blog. Turning your hangers around, and once you wear an item, it survives another season and the hanger turns around correct. Since I was working hard to switch out metal hangers for new, sleek nicer hangers I decided to do it.

If by the time I switch back to my winter clothes, if the hanger hasn't turned, the piece of clothing doesn't survive. Looking at the number of items in my closet - I'm nervous to accept the challenge, and nervous which items will survive and those that won't. I did decide though, if I take a article of clothing out, and don't like the way it fits or looks, it's not going back in the closet. It's out.

Best of luck clothes - I am coming for you!

Next I am in the need for a great way to store my shoes. They are currently in canvas totes, and I can never find a match. Any ideas send them my way!


  1. Thanks for the mention :) As for shoe storage, I have small bookshelves in the inside of my closet. There's a picture on my blog if you'd like a reference!

  2. Shoot. I also should have mentioned this....we should do the 30 for 30 challenge together! You pick 30 items from your closet (shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry all included) and you can only wear those things for 30 days. Helps you learn how to get more out of the pieces of clothes in your wardrobe!