Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Please!

Tea with the Queen.. Yes Please!

I am a sucker for celebrity events. They fascinate me. Casey Anthony trial...waited for verdict. Presidental funerals... glued and crying. Kate and Williams wedding...ROYAL! I get hooked and engrossed in it. Sometimes I even research. Don't judge.

So, of course this morning when we turned on the today show at Matt Lauer was in London at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - I was in. With all these events happening in London, I think I might need to invest in a flag. Hmm..

I love that the people of England take such pride in their monarchy. Here in America, we just complain about the economy and the bad job our leader is doing, but in England - economy sucks but long live the Queen! I find that so refreshing and so patriotic. I also love that they were lots of hats and wear gorgeous clothes. I wear a hat well. Moving to England might be in my future!?

Back to the guest of honor who is celebrating her 60 year reign. The Queen is a fascinating woman. Did you know that she doesn't give interviews? Not once. She recorded a statement before the concert yesterday to be played on the British television channels. America can find it on YouTube. As she stepped into her carriage this morning following the luncheon, Drew said, "Why isn't anyone helping her?" Because she is like 86. But they aren't allowed to touch her!

Any most importantly about the Queen - her wardrobe! She reminds me a lot of my Granny Turpin who always was dressed up to go out with her skirt suit complete with coordinating brooch. Only thing Granny was missing was a hat! I love how the Queen always looks so regal! But here is what I always wander. What is in her purse? She carries a purse all the time. What possibility could she need? She's the last one to arrive at an event and the first to leave - so there's no time to powder your nose or check your lipstick. Maybe her IPhone to play Words with Friends during a boring speech? Maybe I will try googling it.

If I ever make it to London I'm going to see if she'd like to hang out. I think we'd have a lot in common. :)