Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cotton Anniversary

As many of my readers know, yesterday was Drew and I's second anniversary. I promise after today you only have to wait 365 days to hear me talk about it again. :)
Something I take very seriously in the anniversary department is the whole tradition of what to give according to how many years you have been married. One year is paper, but two years is cotton.
Awhile ago I went searching on the internet for cotton gifts for my man. Clothes, sheets, and robes were all suggestions, but none of them felt like the right fit. I was having a really hard time. Little did I know so was Drew.
I finally settled on a trio of embroidered hankies from Embroidery by Melissa on Etsy.
Not that Drew uses a hanky right, but in the future he might. Plus I felt they were thoughtful and I was able to express what I wanted from the writing.
Drew, on the other hand was much more creative. He also went the Etsy route. Check out this beautiful wreath made out of cotton burs. The lady from Georgia who made this (I will report back with her Etsy store) goes out after they finish harvesting the cotton and collects these. It is so pretty and looks great in our dining room.
Though it was hard to try to think out of the box, I think we both did good!
Next year is leather! Better get to work on it!

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