Monday, June 18, 2012

Stuffing a show heifer!

I love to give gifts. Whether it be a card, flowers, or a wrapped present, I have always enjoyed the art of gift-giving. Therefore, I am always looking for the perfect gift for someone. I keep lists of things I see and like for people, plus Pinterest has been really helpful in that sense.

Back around the first of the year my friend Deanne Young of High Country Cattle Services posted on her blog about a gift that she gave her daughters for Christmas. You can check out her post here about Gifts.

What she gave her daughters were stuffed cows that were made to look like two of their past show heifers. Bingo! Unique gift for the cattle lovers! Of course, being a cattle showman myself, I thought I should check out this product. You know, just to make sure it was up to my gift giving standards. ;)

So I set off to order a Purple Banner Designs stuffed cow to replicate my beloved show heifer Sazerac. Sazerac won many purple banners throughout her show career and now has made quite the name for herself as her progeny (kids) have sold well and won honors. I showed Sazerac my senior year of high school, so she definitely helped make lots of memories.

This is the photo I sent in for them to use:

The company had some issues that caused them to be backed up, so it did take me awhile to get Sazerac in my home. But they were very helpful and informative during that time.

The finished product!

Now that I've personally tried out the company, I can look forward to giving these as gifts in the future. I know some of my readers out there would also find this a perfect gift for some of their showman out there!

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  1. Holli, She is beautiful, I hope you enjoy her as much as Crystal and Stacy love Harmony and Elle. High Country is now donating a few Purple Banner items to this years Canadian Simmental Association Foundation Auction.