Friday, June 1, 2012

Deal of the Day!

Or STEAL of the day....

This afternoon we took the puppies to Lexington for a little spa time. While we waited for them to get done being pampered, we killed some time doing some shopping in Hamburg. Mom was with us, so we went to pick up a few items for the beach then to get her a new phone. The Verizon store is right next to the Talbot Outlet Store, which I like to frequent when Drew is doing technology related things.

I love Talbots. They have really awesome, stylish clothing, but they can be pricy. The Outlet Store is kind of hit or miss, but when you hit, you usually do alright. I've gotten jeans for $10 and shirts for next to nothing.

Last fall I spyed a blazer in the fall catalog that I absolutely loved; other than the price tag. It was $319.00. Brown tweed with sparkles, sequins, and beads. What's not to love? I even pinned it on the "My Style" Pinboard on Pinterest. Needless to say though, I couldn't afford Drew wouldn't let me buy it.

Back to day.. I am going through the clothes racks. I come to one filled with lots of winter jackets. Peacoats, shaws, capes, blazers. Wait! Brown tweed. No way! The brown tweed blazer I feel in love with in the fall was in the Outlet store. Retail price: $319.00 Sale Price: $29.99 SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Lets just say I grabbed that coat up so fast. My heart was racing! I was soooo pumped! I really didn't care if I found another thing. Of course I did though. A great cable short sleeve sweater that was originally $90.00 that I got today for $30.00.

I literally raced back over to the Verizon store so proud of myself, and couldn't wait to share the good news with mom and Drew. I'm not always the best bargain shopper (because I don't have the patience), but I always love a super cute piece of clothing. I'm already planning where I can rock my new finds come Fall Sale Season!

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