Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Suzzy Homemaker hits Paris!

Move over June Cleaver...Holli is in town!

For the first time since the middle of February, we are home all week and all weekend. That is right, no sale for DP Sales Management this week! So, that gives me plenty of time to practice on my Suzzy Homemaker jobs around the house. I prefer to think of Suzzy Homemaker in some fabulous clothing and drinking a nice glass of wine while cooking dinner, but thats just a dream (or maybe me).

So here's a few of the tasks Suzzy "Fabulous" Homemaker and Drew Hatmaker (rhymes with homemaker) hehe.

Dying Easter Eggs: I hadn't dyed Easter eggs in a very long time, and I thought it would be a nice thing for us to do together.

Christmas in April!
As I told you in my previous blog, our Pampered Chef Bridal Shower gits were to arrive and boy did they ever! It was like Christmas! We thought we'd show off a few of our favorite items.

Drew's excitement...

A deep dish pie pan to make Granny's buttermilk pies. :)

Playing Princess: I took off to Lexington to play dress up with my cousin Amanda and her daughter Grace. Grace is going to be one of the flower girls in the wedding. We went to try on her dress, and of course, left with shoes and jewelry. All things she had convinced me to buy for her.

Monkey bread: This morning, it was 6:30 and I couldn't sleep. So I headed downstairs to the kitchen to see what I could get into. I couldn't fix breakfast yet because I knew Drew wouldn't be up, so instead I took to baking. Here goes Suzzy Homemaker. Drew had been wanting Monkey bread and the other night he found a recipe for it. So I tried it out. Now I'm not much to brag about things I make, but this stuff turned out great! It has all the right ingridents; lots of sugar, lots of butter, cinnamon, and biscuits.

Tonight, I'm breaking out one of the new Pampered Chef cookbooks to try a new recipe, and this weekend I'm going to attempt Pioneer Woman's famous cinnamon rolls. If anyone has any great recipes, I'd love for you to pass them my way!

Well, Suzzy Homemaker is off to make dinner. Whats for dinner in your house tonight?


  1. Holly I am so excited about the Monkey bread! We used to make it all the time as kids and had forgotten all about it. It really is so easy and so good.

  2. Stacy beat me to the punch, Monkey bread is amazing! Love the Easter eggs too. We did a few polka-dotted ones too.