Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paying tribute...

In January, one of my dad's clients Larry Rodgers from Pine Ridge Simmentals announced that he was going to be dispersing his young herd of Simmental cattle. Larry is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He has a kind heart, giving to juniors and the beef industry, and has assembled an impressive set of Simmentals.

His ranch in south Georgia is BEAUTIFUL and is where Drew and I took our engagement pictures that you can check out on facebook in the Future Mr. and Mrs. So, of course, I was very upset when he decided to disperse. Larry has done so much for others and has been a great friend to my family.

You know how dispersals go, people question why you are getting out and there is a lot of talk. So I wanted to do something nice for Larry for his catalog. One evening when the DP #1, Dp #2, Drew, and I were out to eat I announced that I wanted to do a little project for his catalog. I wanted to get in touch with some of the Simmental breeders, friends, and supporters of Larry and his operation and have them write a small note about Larry and publish them in his catalog.

The catalog is in production currently so this weekend I sent out my e-mails concerning my little project. Immediately, I was getting responses back from those individuals stating how honored they would be to write something about Larry. I was overwhelmed by the response that I got so quickly and they were really good.

So... my little project got me thinking why we, myself included didn't take the time a little more often to tell people how much we appreciate them. Why wait for a dispersal to tell a man who is so kind and giving how much he is appreciated?

I know that I am guilty of it. I should tell Drew how gracious I am of him putting up with my crazy, wedding nonsense leading up to the big day. :) Or for my best friends tuning into my blog, or Crystal for inspiring me to do it and being supportive and actually reading it.

I'm excited about how my little project turned out and its not even in the catalog yet. I'm also going to give thanks to those around me - so thanks for reading my blog! You don't know how much it means to me!

P.S. - I wouldn't be a good sale manager if I didn't tell you to check out the Southern Heritage Dispersal at


  1. Awe, Holli I think what you are doing is wonderful. There are so many great people in this business, but you're right we all too often don't tell them how much we appreciate them. I am so glad you took the step to create this blog. You are doing a gret job Miss Fabulous!

  2. p.s. That is a great picture. I think it should end up on the cover of the Register.

  3. Holli I think your project is excellent!! It would be so neat to put some of those comments up on the online catalog somewhere or on his website too :)