Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 2

Today is Day 2.  

             Morning of surgery

As most of you know on Friday Knox had his second open heart surgery. It was the longest 7 hours of my life. It was hard to sit there and wait. They didn't end up having to replace any valves at this time. They just repaired. The surgeon said it couldn't have gone more perfectly. 

We met Knox up in our old stomping grounds, the CTICU. Knox did great the first night, and they were already taking about moving us across the squirrel. 

BUT in true Knox Hatmaker style it just couldn't be that easy. We have had a few hiccups the last two days that have landed us to still be residing in the CTICU. NONE of them have to do with his heart. The heart looks great. (Insert insanely happy smile).  I don't mind being over here though because we are surrounded by old and new friends that are taking great care of our little peanut. Everything going on is pretty normal post op things around a surgery of this magnitude. His body just needs a little more time to recover. With the wonderful news we received from his surgeon, I don't care if he makes me sit here for 20 days. 

He is slowly becoming his old self. We even got a smile out of him this morning. Thank you again for all your texts, prayers, Facebook photos, and ridiculously amazing Knox Tshirt photos. 

We love you all From the bay in H4b! 

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