Monday, December 22, 2014

Across the Squirrel

If you followed our journey at our first visit to Nationwide Children's Hospital you may have heard something about a squirrel. 

The fourth floor's mascot is the squirrel. He is a large statue that separates the CTICU  from the step down unit. To move  "across the squirrel" means to move to the step down unit. 

They have been trying to send us across the squirrel since Saturday. Knox did awesome post op the night after surgery, but his recovery to move has been a little slower 

But today they let us loose. Though we are still taking some medications and are still working through some issues he is doing well enough to move. We have been in the surgical bay in the CTICU so we are happy to have a private room. 

Knox is starting to return to his old self and has been flashing some smiles today. 

We don't know when we will be able to go home yet, but it's always nice to know when you are one step closer. 

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