Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some Good News

Today we got some wonderful news. 

A lot of you have asked what's next for Knox and his heart journey. We haven't known what to tell you because we weren't for sure ourselves. We have been waiting to see if the left ventricle of the heart will heal and begin to work better. 

Over the last few weeks our pediatric cardiologist here in Lexington has been very happy with Knox's numbers. She said that it looked like the left side was working better. Like she does every two weeks she sends his numbers to Columbus for our team to look at. 

Today during our visit Dr. Cottrill read us a letter from The Heart Center that said indeed the left side was doing better and believed that in the future it will be a working part of the heart. Which is AMAZING news. I couldn't help but cry tears of joy. 

Yes he will still have to have surgery but this route is the much more ideal route that the one we hoped for. It will also likely require some maintenance later in life. 

Tomorrow Drew and I will celebrate our four year wedding anniversary and we couldn't have asked for a better gift than this wonderful news. 

Please continue to pray for growth and strength for Knox and his heart. The prayers sure are working! 

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