Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Today is a very special day. Today is Father's Day! Of course, as many of you can gather it also Drew's first Father's Day. 

I got pretty lucky when God designed my perfect match. He designed a wonderful, strong man who loves me unconditionally no matter what the circumstances. But it has never been more evident how amazing and perfect Drew is for me and was meant to be a daddy than this spring. 

God knew that I needed someone strong to sit beside in the hospital on one of our many trips to Central Baptist. He knew that I needed someone to told me when we first received the news about our unborn child. He knew that Drew would be the perfect person to sit with me through labor pains and tell me how wonderful I was and how great of a job I was doing. He made Drew strong to support his wife and child through 47 days at the Children's hospital, but more importantly, he made him the perfect dad. 

I know that I could not have made it through the last couple months without him. Knox is incredibly lucky to have him as a daddy, and I plan on telling him that for the rest of his life. The saying at the top really is true, my love for Drew has grown immensely as I have watched him care for Knox in and out of the womb. 

Not only did God make Drew to be my partner and best friend, but he made the perfect daddy for our precious son. 

So Knox and I hope that we can make the first Father's Day a special one for the one we love and cherish. We can't thank him enough for being the rock for our family. 

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