Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Raise your hand if you are 4 months!

Monday we celebrated Knox's 4 month birthday! 
4 months? Whoa! 

We celebrated with getting our 4 month shots which he did not enjoy, and then shopping at Trader Joe's. Our pediatrician who we love, of course only sees us for normal baby stuff. She was very happy with his growth and development. 

4 month stats: 
Weight: 10 pds 3 oz. 
Height: 23 in. 

Knox loves: 
- Taking a bath in his bath tub
- Sitting up (with some help)

New things: 
- Went to his first wedding 
- Celebrated his first 4th of July
- Went shopping for the first time
- 0-3 month clothing
- Size 1 diapers!

Knox wasn't really into photo taking because he still didn't feel well. 

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