Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wonderful Week

But the greatest is love....

During sale season, it isn't always easy or convenient to fit in a date night. Between arriving home, playing catch up on work and laundry, it is hard to make time. After this week though I feel we might be caught up for a bit. We didn't plan for our social calendar to be so full this past week, but luckily it just happened that way. On a weekend with no sale.

Of course, it was Valentine's Day. We are typically not home on Valentine's Day, so it usually celebrated before or after. With it being on a Tuesday, it gave us a chance to enjoy the day. I feel very fortunate that we get to spend nearly everyday together, doing what we enjoy and enjoying it together. It makes life so much happier. So I could argue that everyday is Valentine's Day! (gag, I know!) Drew always makes me feel very special, and Tuesday was no exception.

Gabby Mae, too, enjoyed in Valentine's Day. She also received a Valentine's Day themed pillow pet from Grandma named Love Pup.

In the years that Drew and I have been together we have never went out on Valentine's Day for dinner. We thought it would be great to use one of the gift cards we got for Christmas to our favorite place Malone's! Thanks for dinner Donnie and German!

They had a nice four course dinner planned at small, lovers tables for their Valentine's Day guests!

It is no secret that we enjoy Chelsea Lately. Not only is she funny, but some of the guests on her roundtable are hilarious. I found out that Loni Love was going to be coming to Lexington to Comedy Off Broadway this past week. Drew loves Loni Love. Hello, Perfect Valentine's Day present! We had great seats along the side where the comedians came in. I may or may not have been a little star-struck. I quickly professed Drew's love for Loni. She smothered his head in the side of her chest.

I couldn't leave out my other Valentine. Luckily, Lauren didn't have to work and was able to come with us. "She touched your hair!"

Back in the winter (I use that term loosely because winter hasn't been seen), we saw that Shrek the Musical was coming to the Lexington Opera House. Drew is a Shrek fan, and we might own the entire collection of movies. Finally, the time came to go see it. The tickets have been glaring at us from the bulletin board. I am always so jealous of people on Broadway. They can sing, dance, and play numerous characters within 2 minutes. It was a great musical and it topped off our fun-filled week.

The icing to the cake would have been if we woke up to the 2-5" of snow they were calling for. Sadly, no snow.

Hope you and your loves had a wonderful week!

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