Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome to Miles' Home!

With sale season in full swing now, my suitcase stays packed all the time. Only taking out dirty laundry and necessary items for time at home before packing again. With Miss Gabby Mae joining our family in the spring, it means that her bag stays packed as well. Due to the fact that we stay at hotels every weekend, we have to make sure they are pet friendly.

Princess Gabby Mae

After a quick wisdom teeth pulling last Thursday, my nurses Drew and Gabby loaded my half awake, swollen self into the car and headed to the Design in Mind Sale. After the sale on Friday, we headed south to our second sale of the weekend. All of the hotels listed in the catalog were full or not pet friendly. Scrambling to find us a room on the way south, I utilized my Dog Friendly Hotel App on phone to check hotels in the area. After a few more phone calls we settled on the Hotel Indigo. I had never stayed at one of these, but Drew had. He gave it good reviews.

The Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana is a top notch hotel. And boy, are they pet friendly. When you walk through the doors to the lobby you are greeted by Miles, a cute, fluffy poodle-like dog. He lives there. He has a bed and dog bowl as well as toys all over the lobby. But as we found out, he likes to sleep on the check in desk. When we told them we had a dog, they gave Gabby a baggie full of treats for her stay.

They had won us over with the awesome doggie amenities, but the room was really nice as well. The whole hotel was bright and modern, which made it so inviting!

I don't usually do hotel reviews because we stay at so many. Some better than others, but I felt this one definitely deserved a shout out.

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