Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to the family!

The Hatmaker family grows!

Drew and I have been talking about getting a Corgi puppy for quite sometime now. We were waiting on a particular dog to get pregnant and for sale season to wind down. When the dog we had been waiting on didn't get pregnant, we were sad but kept on looking for our perfect puppy. After some facebook investigation, we stumbled upon a lady that I knew from when I interned at the Hereford Association. She sent us pictures and we picked our puppy. Delivery was set to happen in the coming weeks.

Well, last week Drew and I were in Kansas City. It was Tuesday afternoon and we were sitting an airport restaurant waiting to catch our flight home. As we sat there, I brought up the fact that we weren't very far from Tulsa, Oklahoma (which is close to where the puppy lived). I brought up that we could rent a car and drive down and pick her up then go home. "No," Drew said. Determined, I got on my phone looked up the price of a rental, the hours to get there, the hours to get home. I was pleading my case with good evidence. I even got my friend Lauren and our waitress in on it. After some great evidence (I should have been a lawyer), we were heading out of the airprot and to rent a car.

We drove an hour south of Kansas City to Louisburg and stayed with our friends the Barbours (whose sons were our ringbearers) to spend the night. We also had to make a pit stop at Target since we only brought overnight clothes to pick up a few essential items and puppy items.

The next morning we loaded up in our Nissan Versa and headed south. We arrived to destination puppy after 1:00 and met the previous Gabby. She was everything we had hoped for. We even got to met her sisters, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather.

Tying up a few loose ends, our Versa now included two happy parents and one Corgi puppy named Gabby. Our adventure back to Kentucky began. Gabby did an excellent job on the way home. She never pottied in the car and typically went to the bathroom everytime we stopped. When we were driving, she slept in her crate like a little angel.

We drove just east of St. Louis that evening and stopped at our first pet friendly hotel. Gabby was so happy to finally get out of the car and run around. Our first night went well, and the next day we headed home.

Gabby seems to like it here now. And loves to chew on everything. She sleeps through most of the night before she has to go potty. And of course, we just love her. :)

Welcome to the family Gabby!!

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  1. She is so cute! I wondered if you ended up driving down there. Glad you have such an awesome addition to your family.