Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm a Grandma!

If you are a loyal reader or even part-time reader of my less than wonderful blogging skills, I thank you! I'm not always timely and sometimes sparse, but I realy do enjoy writing and sharing.

Anywho... so if you have read in the past you might remember a post about my wonderful sheep named Betty. She's pretty sassy! Betty is growing up to be a very good sheep. I didn't want Betty to have little lambs because she lives at Drew's parents house, therefore I would not be able to be there for labor and delivery, as well as the first few days of the babies lives. Well, mother natures happens.

On March 9th, 2011 Betty gave birth to two little boys. One white ram (Bob) and one black lamb (Billy). I know you are thinking, thats been over a month ago, but I just met them this past weekend for the first time. They have big ears. Bob is a lot like Betty in terms of his personality, and Billy is the wild child.

Betty is a great mother though she still likes her special feeding time; when I take feed in a scoop out in the field, and she is the only one who gets to eat it.

Here is our attempt at a family photo.

The Hatmaker's - Holli, Betty, Bob, and Billy (Photo by dad, Drew)

Though, this is not how I ideally wanted to become a grandma and not at the time I wanted, Drew says I have to love them anyways because they are Betty's babies.

So, here I am, the proud Grandma showing off my babies to the world!

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