Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reading on the Road

I'm going to Jackson....

This weekend was the Dixie National Simmental Sale in Jackson, Mississippi. The car ride is quite long and I must have something to occupy my time.

For my recent birthday, Drew got me an Amazon Kindle. I love to read, but honestly, the cost of purchasing books can get quite expensive. Also, what I love about a Kindle is that after you read a book you don't have to worry about storing that book, its on your little electronic device. Plus - I haven't had to charge it once!

With a recommendation from fellow blogger, Crystal.Cattle my first Kindle read was Kelly Cutrone's, "If you have to cry, go outside." I finished it about half way through our trip south, but was on pins and needles to begin reading Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman's new book.

If you don't know who Ree Drummond is, she is a city girl turned rancher's wife who began sharing her experiences on the ranch in Oklahoma via blogging. She is now wildly successful with her blog and her cookbook. Her new book will be no exception. Let's just say I started reading it and could not put it down. I read all the time. Even when we got to Jackson, I stayed in the car to continue reading until I was done.

There love story is beautiful, fun, and humorous. All the things a new love and first year of marriage should be. I highly recommend reading it. It is funny when she begins referencing working cattle on the ranch and taking their temperature.

Currently, my Kindle is resting. If anyone has any good suggestions for my new reading material I will gladly take them.

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