Saturday, August 7, 2010

View from the Block

Well, it is official. The start of the fall sale season is officially underway for DP Sales Management. We have finished up the Georgia/Alabama Simmental Solutions sale on Saturday.

The start of sale season means back to living in a suitcase and fitting laundry in Monday-Wednesday. For some people, it might not be the life, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. Drew was actually saying a week ago that he was ready for sale season to start because since the wedding, we haven't had anything to get ready for, plan, or go to. He was itching to hit the road again.

I personally love sale day. All the adrenaline and action that goes into making a sale successful. I also love my view. I get to sit on the auction block and run the computer. I import all the sale data into the program so that we know who bought what and for how much. I like to think I have one of the most important jobs. :)

As I have done this for quite sometime, therefore I have become quite accustomed to how things are run on the block. I highly enjoy listening to a good auctioneer. Some that I have worked with a lot I even have their tricks of the trade down. I took this picture today while listening to Colonel Tommy Barnes sell.

The view from the block is second to none. You see everything. The ringmen. People's bidding habits. All the cattle that enter the ring. It truly is the best seat in the house.

So here is to a awesome, successful sale season no matter what breed you might be in. Let the madness begin!

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