Monday, May 10, 2010

Be our Guest...

First off, I apologize for the recent abstenece from the world of blogging. Life has sure been busy with cow sales, sheep sales, and oh yeah,that little thing called a wedding around the corner.

Last night though, Drew and I took a little time for a date night and headed to the Lexington Opera House for the final performance of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I love musicals. There is something about the costumes, the singing, and dancing that can transform you into a whole different world. This was my 5th musical that I have seen, but it was Drew's first.

It was FANTASTIC! The music was wonderful and the special effects for a smaller, touring Broadway production were extradionary. Of course, my favorite number was "Be our Guest" complete with dancing forks, salt and pepper shakers, and plates. It made you want to jump right out of your seat. One of Drew's favorite numbers was "Gaston" in the tavern which they did a really cool number with clanging beer mugs - almost like a step show.

We took this as a date night, but the crowd was quite diverse. I believe a lot of ladies got it for Mother's Day. There were families, little boys, husbands, and of course, the little ladies dressed up as Belle.

They will be announcing the new line up of Broadway productions coming to Lexington at the end of May, so we are excited to see what is coming to town. Drew now has the theatre bug. He said he was surprised at how much he actually liked it. :)

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  1. Sounds like a great time! I LOVE musicals too - I really want to go see South Pacific at our local theatre - I'm trying to drop some hints to the hubby :)