Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The gift of leadership

Being a girl with a background in the FFA and the American Junior Simmental Association, you would guess that I love leadership. I love to study it, to read about it, to live it. Back in the good ole days of FFA, I read my far share of John Maxwell books for quotes and stories to use in my speeches. I loved taking the Strengths Test to find out my Top 5 Strengths. It made me excited and driven to be a better leader for whatever organization I was in. 

One of my Top 5 Strengths also had to do with giving. I love to give gifts. Whether it be tangible or not, making someone day is a beautiful thing. Making someone smile or letting them know you are thinking about them is important in my book. 

But one day.. I came home from a sale to find an envelope in the mail with my name on it. 

What was inside?

I open it to find a sweet note along side a book. Rachel Cutrer of Ranch House Designs and a standout in the marketing and advertising world of the cattle industry had sent me a special package. Along with her note was a book by Chris Boleman entitled "Lead on the Bright Side." (and it was signed!)
Being friends with many Aggies I had heard of Mr. Boleman before. Of course, loving leadership I was excited to get back to my old ways and dive into this book. 

I am the type of reader that once I dive into reading, I hang close to it until I am finished. The book was a light and easy read. It is filled with stories and Dr. Boleman's speciality - poems! I'm not talking those boring poems from English class. I am talking poems that have a real meaning and relate directly to the topic at hand. Some poems are associated with a story, but there is a whole section with poems written by Mr. Boleman. 

I won't give away all the good stories in the book because I think you should go pick up a copy. One of the stories that led me to tears is about a sweet ferret named Ricki IV. Yes, I cried over a ferret. It is a beautiful story of a positive attitude and including everyone around us and loving them.

Aside from crying over a ferret I will leave you with my favorite quote from Dr. Boleman's book - 

"There is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror." (I just love that)

Thank you Rachel for thinking of me and sending me this wonderful leadership book! 

Now go get a copy!

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