Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello World!

So I finally did it. After much anticipation, I have finally gotten over my fears and started my blog. I'm not sure what I have to say, but surely with all the things going on in my life someone (hopefully other than Drew) will sit in to read this thing. But what I do have to talk about is LOVE. There is a whole lot of love going on in my life. Love that has lead me a great guy. Love of the beef industry instilled at a young age. Love for traveling, cows, people, and friends - near and far. Love for life.

With a wedding in 94 days :), and bridesmaids in 6 different towns and 3 states, I'm saying that this blog will also be a great way to keep everyone informed. But its not all about the wedding in my life, there is also things like the cattle business and a very busy sale season. Oh yeah, and this thing called learning to become a wife. So, we'll see how all this goes.



  1. Well now you have your first follower, just one of many more I am sure. Can't wait to hear all that you have to say, because you have never seemed at a loss for words.

  2. Hey - I am going to be a follower, too. I am just on my Blackberry and can't add it from my phone. Can't wait to read more, Holli!